Rates BGGZ (Basic Mental Health Care)

The rates for BGGZ are determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. The maximum rates in 2021 are:

treatment short: € 503.47
treatment medium: €853.38
treatment intensive: € 1,383.65
incomplete treatment process: € 219.78

Which treatment is applicable will be indicated during the intake interview. The amounts are reimbursed by your health insurer. Please note: first your Own Risk will be addressed. Your health insurer will send you the bill for the Own Risk.

Directe en indirecte tijd

Your practitioner will keep track of the time he spends on the treatment. This concerns the therapy sessions with you, but also the time he spends on e-mails, telephone calls, consultation with colleagues or on administration. The total time spent will be charged after completion of the treatment (see the above rates).

If you start treatment with me, working as an independent BIG-registered psychologist, this will in principle be reimbursed from your basic insurance. To receive reimbursement, you need a referral letter from your general practitioner, medical specialist or company doctor. How much you get reimbursed depends on:

  • your insurance policy
  • whether or not your practitioner has a contract with your health insurer.


Psychology Practice Delft has contracts with the following health insurers:

  • Achmea (Zilveren Kruis, Interpolis, FBTO, Avéro, Agis, Centraal beheer, Pro life, OZF, De Friesland), One Underwriting Health B.V.
  • CZ (Ohra, Delta Loyd, Nationale Nederlanden, CZdirect)
  • DSW (DSW, Stad Holland, inTwente)
  • ASR (Aevitea, Ditzo, de Amersfoortse)
  • ONVZ (PNOzorg, VvAA)
  • Zorg en Zekerheid (AZVZ)
  • ENO (Salland, Zorgdirect)
  • IptiQ (IPtiQ Life, Promovendum, Besured, National Academic, Aon, EUCARE (aevitea)
  • Menzis (Anderzorg, Hema, PMA).

The practice has no contract with:

  • VGZ (Aevitae, Bewuzt, IZA, IZZ, Unive, ZEKUR, UMC, United Consumers).

If you are insured with an insurer with whom I do not have a contract, you have to pay the bill yourself after the treatment. You can then submit the invoice for declaration to your health insurer, who reimburses you on average 60-70% of sometimes 95-100%, depending on the policy you have. Because health insurers use different percentages, I recommend that you contact your health insurer beforehand. The rates mentioned above apply in this case.

Self-pay rate

If you choose to pay for a treatment yourself, the original packaging rate applies. The rate for treatment with the original packaging is € 100.00. The original packaging rate applies to a continuous treatment session. This is based on a duration of 60 minutes per consultation, including 15 minutes of indirect time. The practitioner will make clear agreements with you in advance about the duration per consultation, the amount of direct and indirect time and the number of consultations. After all, you have to pay the invoice yourself and will not be reimbursed afterwards.

Can’t make it to an appointment?

If you are unable to attend, please cancel the appointment free of charge, by telephone, by text message or by email, at least 24 hours in advance. In the event of late cancellation or late cancellation, part of the costs, namely EUR 50, may be charged. These costs cannot be submitted to your health insurer.