Welcome to Psychology Practice Delft.

In 2003 I graduated as a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam. Since then I have been working in mental health care within a several psychiatric institutions and gained experience at various (outpatient) clinics. I treated people from various cultural backgrounds who presented themselves with a variety of complaints: anxiety and compulsion complaints, mood complaints, addiction problems, psychotrauma. But also people who struggled with personality problems, ASD problems (autism spectrum disorder) or people with a psychotic vulnerability. Expats and international is also

Treatment is tailor-made
In the treatment process I make frequent use of a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic frame of reference. However, every treatment requires customization. Every individual has a unique combination of traits and circumstances and have an unique way to cope with these circumstances. Some people need a practical approach, others will be better off with a more contemplative approach. I think it is important to connect with the existing knowledge, qualities and strength of a person. I consider it a privilege to be able to help people with their complaints and to promote their personal development.

My practice focuses on expats and international students, among other targetgroups.

Nick Kerckhoffs, GZ-psychologist and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist VGCt

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